The Eurocampus Olympic games in Yangpu

The Eurocampus Olympic games in Yangpu

Learn more about Shanghai French School and its two campuses of Qingpu and Yangpu, thanks to the virtual open day that we are organizing on Thursday, November 12 at 4:00 PM. All interventions will be in English language.

With teams divided up by levels, Grades 6/7 on one side and Grades 8/9 on the other, the LFS and the DSS managed to build up the first edition of what will certainly become an annual meeting on our Eurocampus.

The students of the two schools were dispatched in teams, each one representing a country among the following list: China, France, Germany, the USA, Australia, South Africa, and Russia. Each student proudly wore the colours of his/her team, and four sports were set up throughout the day so that all teams could compete against each other.

Under a raging heat but with motivation, students gave everything for the football and handball games in the morning, and for the basketball and athletics in the afternoon.

Great memories which will go down in our schools history without a doubt!