Learn about the Last Straw Club

Shanghai French School is proud of its students and what they bring to the school through their initiatives and motivation to make our campuses a healthy space, and more generally, to inspire other students to better integrate environmental-friendly habits in their daily life.

We met three of the Last Straw Club members. The name of the Clubrefers to actions against the use of plastic. Adèle, Emma and Lina, answered our questions.

When was the club created?
Former high school students launched this Club in 2018.

How many are you currently? Could you introduce yourselves briefly?
Today we are 6 active members, 3 students from Middle School and 3 from High School on Qingpu campus. We are Faustine, Elouan, Laura, Adèle, Emma, and Lina.

Why did you choose to create this club?
We wanted to invest ourselves in this club and cause because we love nature. We wanted to contribute to the actions promoting and encouraging change! The education aspect was essential for us, this capacity to change habits through a message for generations to come. Even in a big city like Shanghai, we realise things have been changing.

Could you describe your actions? What have you already accomplished? Future projects?
Since 2018, many actions have been put into place at Shanghai French School: removal of plastic straws, now replaced by cardboard, one vegetarian day weekly at the canteen, awareness interventions for 6th to 9th Graders, planting a forest in Inner Mongolia (ongoing project).

How often do you meet?
We usually meet once every two weeks. We take everyone’s schedule into consideration. It is not necessary to meet up too regularly as we communicate by message and can still be efficient and progress on our projects!

Could you share your most fabulous memory with the Club?
Speaking to younger students usually is a highpoint of what we do, when we go and meet students from middle school. Some of them had different opinions and through discussions, we succeeded making them aware of the different issues such as the overconsumption of meat.

The only wish we have for these students is to keep putting their efforts to work and have their projects coming to fruition!