Comic Book Contest: School, why so serious?

Thanks to the initiative of the Knowledge and Culture Centre of our two campuses, a comic book contest was organized on the following topic: school. It had to contain three frames but most importantly, it had to be funny. Shanghai French School students accepted the challenge with a witty sense of humor!

Middle school students changed into cartoonists for the contest and were able to put their creativity into use on a subject well-known by all: school. The jury was composed of teachers from both campuses and the winners’ selection was divided into two categories: Grades 6-7 and Grades 8-9. Three cartoons were chosen per category and prizes were awarded to the happy winners this month.

In the Grades 6-7 category, the winners are:

1st Prize: Helena Hohberger, in 7th Grade at Yangpu

2nd Prize: Lara Ezzedine, in 7th Grade at Yangpu

3rd Prize: Marie Gautier, in 7th Grade at Yangpu

In the Grades 8-9 category, the winners are:

1st Prize: Timothée Chapon and Paul Meynier, in 8th Grade at Qingpu

2nd Prize: Nathan Comte, in 8th Grade at Qingpu

3rd Prize: Alicia Leveillard, in 9th Grade at Qingpu

First prize winners were offered a 2-hour drawing class with a teacher graduated from Parsons School of Design (MU Art Studio). An artist set and a watercolour set were also offered to all the winners of both categories.

This type of creative contest introduced by Shanghai French School librarians not only stimulates students’ imagination but also gives them the possibility to express themselves freely on a chosen topic.

Once again, a hearty bravo to all the participants!