‘’Poets in Spring’’ festival at Shanghai French School

‘’Poets in Spring’’ festival was celebrated at Shanghai French School from March 22 to 26, around the theme ‘’Desire’’.

Students from kindergarten and primary school in Yangpu kicked off with a poetry and fable show performed in French, English, and Chinese. With the complicity of their teachers, the students of the college covered the windows of the Center of Culture and Knowledge with poetry in many languages (French, Japanese, Russian, Korean, German and even Latin) while the students of cm1B moved into the piazza to write poetry or original creations.

All around the campus, windows were covered with famous poems, written by students.

At Qingpu, the Knowledge and Culture Centre (3C) in partnership with French, History & Geography, Languages, Biology and Technology teachers, gave students the opportunity to write poems in various languages and expose them on the tables at the canteen.

Finally, Qingpu library documentary centre (BCD) welcomed us with poem trees. The library has also started working with students on a slam project and will soon show us the results.

No doubt, spring was welcomed fully at Shanghai French School, motivating, and inspiring us all for the rest of the year!