Vendee Globe: Meeting with Jacques Caraes and Hubert Lemonnier, directors of the legendary sailing race across the world

To sea lovers and thrill-seekers,

A class of Grade 4 in Yangpu dived us into the Vendee Globe universe and explored the famous race, which is done without any assistance nor stopover, for an academic project prepared by their teacher.

Starting on November 8th, 2020, the students followed the race on a giant hand-drawn map. It was an enthusiastic project about which students were truly passionate, happy to discover the marine environment whilst practicing many academic notions of Geography, Mathematics, and French.

To round off this marine adventure in style, students had the incredible chance to exchange (and sing!) by video call with Vendee Globe directors, Jacques Caraes and Hubert Lemonnier, a date we followed with wonder, emphasizing the importance of human values and friendship.

For those who would like to watch the entire interview, here is the video, a memory to be treasured!