Shanghai French School celebrates International Women’s Day

Shanghai French School celebrates International Women’s Day

March 8th marks International Women’s Day, promoting equality principle between women and men but also fighting against any type of violence and oppression done to women. These values have been highlighted by Shanghai French School students and teams with a program full of celebrations.

The library at Yangpu opened the ball on Friday, March 5th with its cine-club and the projection of a documentary on the Moso minority from Southern China, well-known for its matrilineal system.

The Female Lead Society club, created this year within the Highschool club by students from 8th and 9th Grades, organised an exhibition of posters dedicated to women who had a major impact in different fields. This initiative is the first of a long-term project focusing on Women-Men equality.

Two Word Walls were installed on Qingpu and Yangpu campuses to allow students and staff members to write down names of inspiring women or art works (book, movie, song) focused on women who moved us.

Lunch time also brought its own touch for this day with a few surprises. At Qingpu, the chef lent his hat to Delimarket Cafe Manager, Cristina, and invited her to prepare her favourite Filipino dish. Yangpu teams elaborated on their side an ice mousse in the shape of a heart.

At Qingpu, Shanghai French School web radio recorded a poetry slam interpreted by students from 5th Grade, and dedicated to women, inspired by the song ‘’Mesdames’’ by the artist Grand Corps Malade.

In addition, the women’s teams of our two campuses stroke the pose for a group picture.

Supporting an academic and cultural model based on fundamental equality between girls and boys, AEFE network (Agency for French Education Abroad) promotes diversity, pleasure of living together with respect for differences, fight against prejudices and zero tolerance for harassment and violence. Shanghai French School Headmaster and Asia Pacific region AEFE equality representative, Anne-Sophie Gouix, explains in the following video how the network teams build this equality and actively engage in obtaining the AFNOR (French national organisation of standardisation) ‘’Professional Equality’’ label.