Graduation ceremonies of the French National Brevet Diploma

The graduation ceremonies of the French National Brevet Diploma (Diplôme National du Brevet) took place on February 25th at Qingpu and March 2nd at Yangpu, in presence of the Heads of school and the Attachée for University Cooperation of the French General Consulate. For 2019-2020 school year, Shanghai French School scored 100% including more than 61% with the highest honors.

DNB is the French National diploma attesting the acquisition of general knowledge at the end of Middle School (Collège). This diploma is the first completion of their learning path. The Graduation ceremonies highlight the students’ success in their learning process and congratulate them for obtaining their very first diploma.

2020 certainly was a challenging year for us all. Congratulations to our 88 newly graduates who passed with flying colours in a difficult context!

We wish them all the best in the pursuit of their studies in high school!