Art Week – Students’ exhibition

Art Week – Students’ exhibition

From February 22nd to 26th, art was under the spotlight at Qingpu! Students from Middle School (Grade 6 to Grade 9) presented their art works thanks to the beautiful initiative from their teachers. Various projects and themes were exhibited; Here is a glimpse for those of you who missed it.

With the theme “My fantastic house”, students from 6e (Grade 6) turned into architects to build their dream house.

Fashion took a whole new level with the students from 5e (Grade 7) with the project “Costumes from Asia”, allowing them to reinvent textile designs.

Grade 8 (4e) had fun distorting famous art pieces with a touch of surrealism. Students also put on their favourite brands on screen. Can you recognise any of them?

On their side, 9th Graders (3e) took on the challenge of creating short-lived art pieces inside the campus with the sole condition of using paper.

Finally, our students from 3e SIC (International Chinese Section) juggled with Chinese characters and their meaning for the project “Words with a personality!”.