Emotion management workshops at LFS

Emotion management workshops at LFS

Primary school students from Qingpu campus have participated since the beginning of the school year in a workshop on managing emotions. This training allows our students to take a new look at emotions, learn to apprehend them in order to manage them better on a daily basis. Emotions have a strong impact on well-being, physical health, performance in school and relationship with others.

These workshops have been followed by a training aimed at teachers in order to provide them with theoretical input and practical tools so that they can deepen the field of emotion management and support children on a daily basis.

Led by Florence Bigot-Cormier, Earth and Life science teacher at Shanghai French School, this initiative enables children from an early age to identify, understand and regulate their emotions. The first objective is to give them the keys to better experience and learn to modulate those emotions, especially when they are overflowing. Primary emotions are thus addressed during this workshop: fear, anger, sadness and joy, with the help of playful supports and positive psychology.

Three seven-week long sessions, at the rate of one to two hours per week, were thus set up. The students, in small groups of 6 to 8, were selected in agreement with their teacher, the educational director as well as their parents. The teaching staff has seen positive and significant changes in students who may have academic, relational or even personal difficulties, impacting school work.

Students were thus able to demonstrate, at the end of the workshop, greater openness to discussion, increased concentration and calm in class, but also at home! Primary School students and teachers on Yangpu campus will also be able in the future to benefit from these workshops and training.