A botanical trail on the Yangpu campus

A botanical trail on the Yangpu campus

This year, the 2nde students at the Yangpu campus have developed a project for a botanical trail through the green spaces of the Eurocampus. This educational initiative aims to unite students in order to understand the ecological diversity that surrounds them on a daily basis. Raising awareness of environmental issues is important at LFS, especially on a campus that is part of the process of obtaining LEED Platinum environmental certification.

As part of the earth sciences and life program, the students set out to discover the nature surrounding the campus, which is made up of nearly 20,000 squares meter of green spaces, which corresponds to a green ratio (part wooded and planted areas on the total land area) by 25%. In small groups, the pupils first observed the plant species. “What plants are around us? Where do they grow?

They were able to observe the diversity of the flora on the campus. Back in class, a real research work was done to study each plant. “How to recognize the plant? What is her name? Where is she from?

The Primary classes were invited to take part in a guided tour of the botanical trail, led by the Secondary students. The meeting aroused many questions and a real interest from the youngest. Our budding botanists also invited the students of the DSS in the small theater, to present their work in English and share a meal while exchanging future joint projects.

The botanical trail will thus continue to evolve throughout the year and will be enriched with small signs indicating the common name, the Latin name as well as information on the use of plants: an educational resource for all teachers of the LFS, the community, but also the students of the DSS who will also integrate this project.