Lecture : Chinese students in France at early twentieth century

Each year, the Shanghai French School offers several series of lectures aimed at high school students to enable them to meet personalities with an expertise related to China.

The second series, entitled , has the objective of offering our students a better knowledge of their host country through the insight of privileged witnesses, as well as giving opportunity to better understand its cultural diversity and creativity.

As part of this series of conferences, Rémi Anicotte, mathematician, consultant, associate member of the Center for Linguistic Research on East Asia and writer, took part in two videoconferences with our students from the Qingpu and Yangpu campuses on the theme of “Selected fragments from exhumed Chinese manuscripts”.

He retraced the history and principles of Chinese writing, but also the evolution of the scripting supports from turtle shells to bamboo strips.

Discover the summary of his lecture, written by Jules Marceau, a student in Seconde 2YA.