Involve in school life with the Primary school students delegates

Involve in school life with the Primary school students delegates

On November 19 was hosted on the Qingpu campus the first meeting of the year of Primary school delegates. The election of class delegates aims at involving students more actively in school life and to develop a sense of community since Grade 1. The goal of this first meeting is to introduce students to the role of delegate and the qualities required to carry out this mission.

Elections and the tenure of delegates councils help students to learn how to live as a community and to fully participate into it. Delegates from each class, who represent their class and serve as spokespersons, were able to tell how they were elected and what made the favor of their classmates possible.

A sense of listening, the desire to help others, the strength of proposals, a sense of diplomacy, objectivity, responsibility, perseverance but also popularity, those are many essential qualities in order to collect the diverse proposals of their comrades, but also to transmit them the decisions that have been taken !

The Principal Educational Advisors were also present, in order to introduce their missions, as well as the coordinators of the 2nd and 3rd cycles. The sports and cultural activities team (ASC) answered to all of the questions of our students related to the ASCs. A suggestion box will also be set up at the ASC office so that each student can come and submit their ideas and suggestions.

The delegates will meet in council later in the year, during which various elements of the life of the school are discussed, in commissions, with the aim of improving ever more life at school !!