The world children’s Day at LFS

On the occasion of the world children’s Day , celebrated around the world this Friday, November 20 several initiatives have been carried out with our students from CP (Grade 1) on the Yangpu campus.

At the start of the week, teachers made students aware of the issue of children’s rights with the broadcast of the French documentary series Les Chemins de l’école created by Pascal Plisson. This series follows four children, in Kenya, Morocco, India and Patagonia, who are ready to meet any challenge to go to school and have access to an education that will allow them to get access a better world.

Friday, November 20, the teachers and students were all wearing a white top to celebrate this day and remind us that the school plays a fundamental role in promoting the development of the child. Their goal is to make our students are aware of their rights and how they are protected.

On November 20, 1989, the UN unanimously adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child: the rights of every child in the world were then recognized by an international treaty, ratified by 195 states!

The Convention has 54 articles, stating that every child has:

the right to have a name, nationality, identity          
the right to be treated, protected from disease, to have a sufficient and balanced diet     
the right to go to school   
the right to be protected from violence, mistreatment and all forms of abuse and exploitation       
the right to be protected against all forms of discrimination    
the right not to wage war, nor to suffer it    
the right to have a refuge, to be rescued, and to have decent living conditions   
the right to play and have leisure time        
the right to freedom of information, expression and participation         
the right to have a family, to be surrounded and loved Learn more here

Children have rights. It is up to adults to guarantee their respect.