Theater classes in English at LFS

Theater has fully its place at Shanghai French School. Beyond the dramatic texts, studied in French language and literature, theater is also experienced in its scenic dimension. Secondary students from both Yangpu and Qingpu campuses learn the basics of theater acting, in English language, under the guidance of their language teachers.

In Yangpu as in Qingpu, as part of the European section and the American international section, English teachers devote one hour of class per week to the theater. Students can thus become familiar with this discipline and learn the basics such as diction, breathing, moving around and positioning themselves on stage.

In Qingpu, one of the teachers of the team offers volunteer high school students to meet twice a week to work on various playing techniques such as improvisation, character building, writing, and speaking in front of a public.

The practice of theater thus allows our students to perceive the challenges of dramaturgy and theatrical creation, develop their creativity and imagination, but also facilitate the discovery of values ​​of sociability and respect for others.