Journée d’intégration des 6èmes : Ensemble c’est mieux !

The 6eme grade students of the LFS greatly appreciated the 11th edition of their integration day, which aims to promote meetings, integration and cohesion. This annual event has been redesigned this year for health reasons, but that did not prevent the students and the educational management from having a very emotional time.

This Tuesday, November 3, 2020, the Yangpu campus welcomed the 115 6eme grade students from our two campuses, as well as their 15 supervisors: sports teachers, Senior Education Advisors, education assistants, the school support network, nurses and two teachers. The day unfolded to the rhythm of workshops and activities.

In small groups, the students started the day by familiarizing themselves with “Social skills and living together”, “Expressing themselves in front of others”, “Learning saving gestures”, “Going to meet others” but also by experimenting “Climbing and cooperation games”. Then, a guided tour of the new campus was organized for the Qingpu students.

After lunch, Anne-Sophie Gouix, Principal of the LFS and Christine Guitton, Assistant Principal of the Yangpu campus, went to meet the 6ème to remind the importance of this start in Secondary but also to wish our new pupils a excellent year full of success!