Woooo !!!! Halloween sent a chill in Shanghai French School

Woooo !!!! Halloween sent a chill in Shanghai French School

Once again this year, students from both campuses have expressed their creativity in order to celebrate Halloween! All along the week, activities, events and contests, all in a colorful atmosphere of orange and black, have rhythmed school life. Monsters, witches, skeletons and ghosts were allowed to roam freely in the halls of the school for the week.

On Yangpu campus, each day had its own theme.

Monday, everyone was in pajamas.
Tuesday, was black and orange day.
Wednesday, was the day for twins, triplets and quadruplets …
On Thursday, students were invited to come dressed in a traditional clothe from their homeplace.
Friday was Tea Party time, Halloween costumes and best costume contest. The result will be announced the following Monday.

Le Cinéclub, a lui aussi apporté sa contribution avec la projection du film Frankenstein, de James Whale (1931).

On the Qingpu campus, this week was an opportunity for teachers to facilitate classes and create educational content around Halloween.

On Thursday, the secondary school life organized a contest of costumes and drawings, each more terrifying (sometimes funny) than the next.

On Friday, Primary students from SIA and EURO classes created Slime, paper creations, and listened to Halloween stories.
all the kindergarten students celebrated Halloween as well. Beautifully costumed, they went from class to class to participate in different workshops with each of the teachers. The students had the opportunity to work on the Halloween theme in language, art and motor skills: haunted house collage and scary story, spider making in volume, puppet theater with a witch story, round ghosts and skeleton dancing, and finally a sporting course in the dark with a lot of cobwebs… A very special morning which all the children liked.

The results of the competition announced to the big winners!

The lucky winners of this year’s Halloween contests are:



  1. Mayane Robert won the first prize! A scooter offered by the BDA.

    2. Naya Lasne and Marion Bourdenet

     3. Ari Souche and Gustave Cagnion


  1. Nikou Chen

     2. Maxim Weill

      3. Daniel Lei


  1. Louis Varlet

2. Erwin Xu

3. Hector Doyon ; Noah Prouteau ; Gaston Bourgey ; Paul Klasinski

The CSAs also hosted many Halloween-themed activities throughout the week.

We would like to thank all the students and their parents for their creativity and good humor!