Model United Nations (MUN) at the LFS

As every year, the LFS organizes Model United workshops (MUN) on its two campuses, for students from the 3ème grade. The objective of these weekly meetings, supervised by a teacher or a student involved in the project, is to make our students aware of international negotiations and diplomacy, but also to develop their communication skills.

To make their mark in this new exercise, the students of Yangpu were able to face an exchange with the students of the German school and take on the role of ambassador or minister of foreign affairs. In Qingpu, students debated the issue of cloning.

This United Nations simulation workshop, conducted in English, is a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves and develop their communication skills. They must be able to conduct public speeches in English, analyze international policies, listen to other positions, but also be able to learn to negotiate, resolve conflicts, refer to notes as well as to technical writings.

Acquiring communication skills is an important aspect of learning at LFS and allows them to acquire skills that will be useful to them throughout their future professional career.