E-learning E.04: ergonomics and lockdown

E-learning E.04: ergonomics and lockdown

As the lockdown keeps going, our nurses offer their help to prevent some physical pains linked with remote working and e-learning.

To prevent some muscular and bone pains often linked with the repetition of a movement, some gestures can deteriorate our posture and create several fatigues.

Position facing our laptop and room lighting

Beyond bringing the objects on your desk or table closer to you, try to align your laptop screen with your eyes, to adjust the light intensity, and to place your keyboard in front of you with a 10 to 15-cm distance, while keeping you mouse (if you have one) close to your arm.

The lighting of the room is also important, it is preferred to have a desk lamp with a matt lampshade to lighten your text without blinding you. Indirect lights are recommended as they are gentler.

Having breaks to move and breathe

Sitting down most of the day is not good for your body, it is thus advised to move a little every 45 to 60 minutes. Think about stretching, doing slow movements with your head, front to back and left to right, as well as doing circular motions with your ankles and wrists, in one way and then the other.


Morning and evening, take 5 minutes to respectively warm up or relax. A series of stretching is recommended below:

Having regular breaks is also the opportunity to refocus on your breathing in order to relax and find some inner peace.

Adjusting our posture

Supporting our lower back with a pillow or rolled towel and avoiding leaning forward too much enable us to fight against back and neck pains. Try following the recommendations below:

What if I work in a different spot every day?

The body areas with the highest risks remain mainly the same: wrists, back, and neck. Depending on your working spot, some adjustments can be done. 

Let’s adopt the right gestures daily to boost our well-being and protect our muscles and bones!