A little journey with our teachers – Part 1

A little journey with our teachers – Part 1

Since the beginning of the lockdown, our Primary and Secondary teachers have been adapting to the conditions of e-learning in a difficult and exhausting context for us all. Many of them shared with us numerous projects and activities they have been creating and working on with their students. Here is a first selection!

On the Primary side and to make classes more fun, they celebrate birthdays and set students challenges in two classes of Grades 3 and 4. Artistic challenge with Sarah Marlant, students must follow the instructions and the weekly theme, and imagine a creative work with what they have at home.

Music, costumes, cooking, construction, and comedy are planned each week with Mathieu Edan, giving the opportunity to his students to show their personality through various activities!

In Secondary, Aline Charlette’s students participate in online Escape Games, which she created herself for her Spanish classes to bring more interactivity in her classes. Students love it!

The same applies to the biology classes prepared by Florence Bigot-Cormier, who leads with success practical activities and experiments with the microscope!

Last but not least, let’s finish our first round of projects with a superb poem written by the 5th Graders in SIA (International American Stream), with the support of their English teacher Gillian Brigham. Brilliantly written, the poem reflects the difficulties, the anxieties, but also the hopes we have during these troubled times.