Photo Contest: stage your lockdown!

Photo Contest: stage your lockdown!

To lighten up our daily life in lockdown, what would you say if we asked you to participate in a photograph or photomontage contest? Good idea, no?

With the theme ‘’stage your lockdown’’, we give you the possibility to play with your camera, your pad, or your phone to make e-learning or lockdown comic. Photograph and photomontage are both accepted. For those who don’t know, a photomontage is a technique for which a photograph is transformed through various types of editing methods to give a different meaning to the original picture.

You have the total freedom to stage it, don’t hesitate to modify the scenery, your movements, and play with costumes and make-up, all is welcomed!

Do you wish to participate? Nothing could be simpler, create your photograph-type piece alone or with a group following one of these two themes: lockdown or e-learning, and turn it into something funny. Don’t forget to name your work!

The contest is open to all, Primary and Secondary students, parents, and staff, until Monday, May 16, 2022. You can send your works by email to: and precise in the body of the email your name, first name, class, job position (for LFS staff), and name of the child (for parents).

A jury will gather end of May to select the best photographs of each category. The most creative pieces (original idea, expressiveness, and quality of work) will be published on our website as well as on our different media platforms (including padlet). An exhibition will be organised by the 3C Library when we are back on campus. We also have a surprise for the winners of each category.

Camera on, ready, go!