One Night, 212 km Swim

One Night, 212 km Swim

Swimming 212 km in relay? Absolutely nailed it!

Our spacious Qingpu pool played host to 95 swimmers, spanning from the little ones to the adults, all coming together to achieve this phenomenal feat in high spirits.

Last week marked the 8th edition of the Swimming Night at LFS. The idea? Unite students, families, teachers, and staff for one common goal: swim for as long as possible.

Each swimmer chipped in an average of 2.2 km, with a remarkable record set by our outstanding high school student Laetitia Lemonnier: 15 km! Huge congrats!

On other levels, we’ve got an impressive lineup of achievements:

  • Our primary school’s little swimmers, Elise and Ines Fourdrinier, along with Raphael Jorby, covered 2 km each
  • In middle school, Julien Albert swam 6.8 km, and Mahault Peuch-Lestrade nearly hit 8 km!
  • The high school broke all records with 10 km for Jean Kebabtchieff and 15 km for Laetitia Lemonnier


Among parents, the champions are Mengxi Huang with 2.2 km and Cedric Leuleu with 4 km. A massive round of applause to the Leuleu family, who alone swam over 12 km! And what about our teachers and staff? Our Deputy Principal in Yangpu, Mr. Jean-Joseph Koudaya, set a true example by covering 4.5 km. A big congratulations to him! Trophies will soon be presented to them at surprise moments.


Beyond this performance, what we’ll treasure most are the smiles of students, teachers, and parents, all united in the water!

A big shoutout to our entire pool team, Jérôme Bocquet, aquatic director, and coaches Noémie, Vincent, Enzo, Willie, and our lifeguards, for putting together this fantastic evening.