Success Stories: Non-Francophone Kids Prosper at LFS

Success Stories: Non-Francophone Kids Prosper at LFS

Are you a parent who doesn’t speak French? Is your child not fluent in French or coming from a different school system (Chinese, Anglo-Saxon)? Interested in enrolling them in an excellent French curriculum? We recently held a special event just for families like yours. Check out the important details below.

The FLSCo program (French Language of Schooling) is designed to help your child learn French quickly, so they can seamlessly join classes taught in French throughout their schooling.


⸻ Non-French-speaking families at LFS have shared their stories ⸻

Two moms, not French speakers themselves, spoke to over 50 parents, sharing the journeys of their kids, Bella and Eliott.

Eliott, is a young Swede navigating through different school systems before joining LFS in FLSCo. Now, he’s thriving in class and even starting to speak French with his younger brother at home! His mom is amazed.

Bella, a recent Chinese student at LFS, is already following regular classes taught in French almost independently after a year in the FLSCo program. Her mom is all in, joining LFS French classes for families and diving deeper into her daughter’s daily life, creating meaningful moments together.


⸻ Kids who arrived as non-Francophones at LFS are also sharing their experiences ⸻

Luna, currently in 11th grade and fluent in French, joined LFS and the FLSCo program in 5th grade. Today, she feels right at home, surrounded by friends who speak three languages daily: French, Chinese, and English.

Bella, entering her second and final year of FLSCo with enthusiasm, showcases the program’s success, usually seen in two years. Arriving in 6th grade without knowing a word of French, she’s thriving in 7th grade, surrounded by friends and excelling academically. A true success story in the making!

Insights from our teaching team ⸻

Aurélia Petragallo, head of the FLSCo department at LFS, shared key points about FLSCo:

  • 18 FLSCo teachers at LFS
  • 250 students in the program, divided into small learning groups
  • Up to 12 hours of personalized support every week

Next was Lisa Robichet, our FLSCo teacher in kingerdarten and grade 1, who explained in detail how her classes work: highly personalized lessons tailored to each student’s personality and background. All concepts covered in class are connected to teachers’ programs in other subjects.


The day wrapped up with families chatting and enjoying the traditional French « galette des rois » (king cake)! A big shoutout to the Alliance Française de Shanghai for hosting us.