It definitely looks a lot like Christmas!

It definitely looks a lot like Christmas!

This week, and despite the numerous cancellations due to the epidemic, our teams still standing on the ground of our campuses gave everything they had to enchant children and create a real Christmas spirit!

Last week, students of kindergarten and Primary School in Qingpu received the visit of Santa Claus, who distributed candies and took pictures with different classes, for the joy of students… and teachers!

Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus showed up in Yangpu to give children presents and listen to the Christmas Carols organised in the Piazza, a beautiful moment recorded in video!

in Yangpu

Let’s continue in music with the LFS Choir and Orchestra, accompanied by our music teachers, who played several weekends for a pleased audience!


We had the luck to receive several members of the Lesaffre group on our Yangpu campus on December 13 and 14, who came hosting Christmas biscuits decoration workshops for students from kindegarten and Grade 1. Children were thrilled and each of them went home with a bag full of biscuits, yeast, and recipes to try with their family!

Present in over 50 countries, Lesaffre is one of the major global actors in fermentation, who works around yeast and micro-organisms

A warm thank you for their visit and generosity! 

Finally, to celebrate this last day of school before the holiday, a few festivities were organised around a Christmas Market and little activities for our students! Thanks to our teams of teachers, children were able to leave our campuses happy ! 

We wish you and your loved ones a merry festive season and look forward to seeing you again in 2023!