Energy, climate, and natural risks: until when can we push the limits?

November 24 was the day for scientific workshops, conferences, and videos on our Qingpu campus to celebrate the Science Fair. Dispatched between Primary and Secondary, these different interventions targeted around 700 students!

Students from Middle and High School dived in contemporary issues, geosciences, and cosmology, thanks to the video participation of the mining geologist Aurore Stéphant, and our Earth and Life Sciences teacher, Florence Bigot-Cormier.

In Primary, getting younger students interested in sciences is better done through practical experience. That’s exactly what our teams of Life and Earth Sciences and Physics and Chemistry teachers prepared! 

Observations through a microscope, concept of mass and volume, construction of a spectroscope (the machine which creates rainbows!), the magnetism of Earth or even optical manipulations, students took on various challenges!

Organised every year by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Science Fair is a not-to-be-missed event which takes place around the world!