Interview with the new Deputy Head of Qingpu

Interview with the new Deputy Head of Qingpu

Arrived for this new back-to-school, Emmanuelle Blanc-Tores has taken on her duties of Deputy Head in Qingpu, and supervises this year 17 classes of Secondary, from Grade 6 to Grade 12. To learn a bit more about her, we asked her a few questions.

Hello Emmanuelle, we are glad to chat with you today. Firstly, how is your integration going?

Very well, arriving at the LFS, it is a lot of new things to learn while preparing the back-to-school, you have to adapt quickly in an environment very different from what I have known in the past, but I benefited from an exceptional welcoming, and am surrounded with highly skilled colleagues. So, really, everything is going well.

Have you been able to visit Shanghai a little? Is it your first experience in China?

Indeed, it is my first experience in China, which I am very happy with, I love this type of challenge. Going back to school and settling down satisfied my curiosity. I have not been able to really visit Shanghai yet, but I am telling myself that I have a lot of time ahead of me to do so!

What was your previous position?

I was Deputy Head in a High School in Grenoble, France, with more than 1800 students from Grade 10 until Bachelor’s Degree. The other particularity of this institution was the dorm, welcoming 300 students from Sunday night on. 

Among the different curriculums, we had an International American stream, a European stream, a binational ABIBAC stream (Franco-German Baccalaureate) and Applied Arts.

What do you wish to bring as Deputy Head?

Accompanying our students within a relaxed and trustworthy environment, for them to benefit from our French school system, its values, and from the dynamic of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad).

Any final words for our families?

The context in Shanghai has been particularly difficult and remains strict, but I truly believe that together, we will always do better when facing obstacles. 

The LFS teams are made of very invested members who will remain mobilised and devoted to support all the students and their families.