Spotlight on Marylou Ricard and her scholar program at Jiahui Hospital

Marylou Ricard, who is starting High School in Qingpu this year, participated in the Jiahui Scholar Program this summer. Each year, this internship gives the opportunity to High School students interested in the medical field to dive in the hospital environment for two weeks.

The selected students were able to shadow several health professionals from different departments, get pieces of advice, and gain some practical experience. Following her internship, we exchanged with Marylou about her experience.

Hello Marylou ! First, congratulations for having been selected to join this program, and thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. In 2-3 sentences, tell us about your internship.

This internship was very rewarding, thanks to the immersion in different departments and to the teams we were able to meet, the professionals, as well as the students and the supervisors. This program went beyond my expectations and only confirmed my will to continue in that direction for my studies, while giving me an additional insight.

What were the application steps?

The selection was divided in 2 distinct steps, first a written part which selected 300 applicants in Shanghai, followed by several oral tests.

Each step was in English. My experience with the LFS Song Writing classes, FLS (Female Lead Society) and MUN (Model United Nations) were a true asset for the oral tests. The “Jiahui Scholar Program” eventually selected 48 students.

Have you been considering the medical field for a while?

Since I am of age to remember (laughs) yes. But over the past few years, this motivation is becoming more and more obvious.

What are the 3 departments you chose to focus on?

The 3 departments I was selected for were part of those I had chosen: Imaging Center, Ophthalmology, and Pharmacy.

I spent 3 days in each department. I was also able to pass my First Aid CPR&AED use Certificate during my induction day. Throughout the program, I joined many workshops: Suturing workshop, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Intensive Care, Oncology, Mental Health, and Surgery.

We also had the opportunity to meet and exchange with specialist doctors and heads of departments during lunches organised by our supervisors (2 surgeons, 1 gastroenterologist, and 1 oncologist). The certificates were presented by the surgeon in chief of the hospital on our last day.

Is there a discipline that interests you the most?

Until very recently, I was drawn to rheumatology.

But to be very honest, during the preparation of my DNB (French National Brevet) mock oral exam last spring, and while rheumatology was my subject, a new interest around mental health clearly appeared and has been growing since then.

Did this internship confirm your wish to continue your studies towards the medical field?

In one word: YES!

Would you recommend High School students interested in medicine to participate in this summer program?

Absolutely and for several reasons! Whether we are selected or not, all these steps are great experiences, you meet people and exchange knowledge, common passion, values and interculturality. The accessibility to discuss with doctors, caregivers, and supervisors is exclusive. The team is welcoming and kind, and the whole organisation is incredible. The duration of this internship was really nice, and the program is well organised and adjusted. The diversity of options is huge and invites you to discover. Not negligible: no stress regarding any marks nor final exam!

For all these reasons, I recommend this program. For those who jump straight in their higher education, there is also the possibility to obtain a recommendation letter for the university.

Would you have anything else to say to the students who will read us?

If you are interested in medicine, don’t hesitate! It’s an incredible opportunity.

I will also add: dare exploring departments you had not thought about, it’s the perfect occasion to do so.

The pre-selection and recruitment process is always a good personal and professional experience which prepares you for the future.

And to finish with, I want to thank my teachers as well as M. Boronat and M. Lanzi who supported and encouraged me through the entire process.

We wish her the best in High School and look forward to following her journey!