Drawings for the Earth: here are the contest results!

Over the May holiday, the Yangpu Primary School Life team launched a little drawing contest around Earth Day and by the number of participants, no need to doubt how important the protection of the environment is for our students.

With a jury composed of several LFS staff members, and through a wide range of creative drawings, here are the results!

In Grade 5: 1st place for Yuhan He and 2nd place for Lucas Ruan

In Grade 4: 1st place for Kate Sun and 2nd place for Chloé Thelemann

In Grade 3: 1st place for Nolan Zu Comptour and 2nd place for Ines Fourdrinier

In Grade 2: 1st place for Jiaoyun Wang and 2nd place for Maxime Moyon

In Grade 1: 1st place for Luoyi Mu and 2nd place for Emma Garcin

In K3: 1st place for Charlotte Huang and 2nd place for Mia Chen

In K2: 1st place for Ellie Liu

In K1: 1st place for Yichen Xiao

Well done to all the artists!