Discover the strengths of Shanghai French School Kindergarten!

Discover the strengths of Shanghai French School Kindergarten!

Shanghai French School (LFS) is a private non-profit international school that welcomes more than 1550 students of 47 nationalities, from kindergarten to the French Baccalaureate (from 3 to 18 years old), on its two campuses in Qingpu and Yangpu.

Kindergarten is one of the great assets of the French education system. The first years of schooling are indeed decisive in helping children gain self-confidence. It contributes to the personal and social development of the child. For this reason, education is mandatory from the age of three in France.

Kindergarten is one of the key priorities of the LFS in compliance with its certification by the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad). Under the supervision of the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and National Education, the LFS offers excellent training within the framework of the AEFE, the largest network of schools in the world. Thanks to this network, our students can follow the same curriculum in one of these schools, from kindergarten to the French Baccalaureate, and benefit from a rich network of exchanges and shared projects within 139 countries around the world.

Grow, learn, and succeed

Kindergarten is an essential step in students’ journey to ensure their academic success. The LFS offers a caring environment and gives children the desire to go to school to learn, affirm and develop their personality.

We organise classes from 3 to 5 years old as follows: Petite Section (PS = K1), Moyenne Section (MS = K2) then Grande Section (GS = K3). Most of them are in a double level, a real added value for the students! The “youngest” are boosted by the oldest, and the oldest are valued; all acquire greater autonomy quickly.

The learning process is divided into five areas which follows the natural development of the child:


In French kindergarten, your child learns to be autonomous, to talk with adults and with other children. She/he draws, sings, dances, plays, counts, speaks, listens, invents, and prepares himself/herself to the writing sphere.

Discover languages and cultures

The teaching of French remains the foundation of all our learning: it is our main language. The school environment is therefore built in such a way that all students progress towards mastering this language. The LFS is an international school and also offers teaching in Chinese and English from kindergarten.

Families can thus choose between several streams: the General Stream from the PS (K1), the Chinese International Stream (SIC) from the PS (K1) or the American International Stream (SIA) from the GS (K3).

An intensive approach to French as Language of Instruction (FLSco) programme, can be offered from GS (K3) (5h to 8h of French learning per week). For several years now, this program has enabled students new to the French language to integrate better into the French school system.

A committed team

A team of professional teachers is dedicated to kindergarten students and their families. Each class consists of a French main teacher, a native Chinese and English language teachers (from the MS) and a kindergarten assistant.

Depending on the student’s needs, at least one FLSco teacher is also assigned.

Throughout the year, the teaching staff follows a continuous academic training allowing them to strengthen the teaching quality in accordance with the objectives of the French National Education.

The primary school life team is in charge of the reception, the interface with the families, the canteen organisation, and the supervision during breaks. Our volunteer parents also provide support daily.

The well-being of the child is our main goal! We offer a peaceful environment where he/she can flourish, become autonomous to acquire good foundations, and integrate the Elementary School after the GS (K3). The French Kindergarten school is not a nursery and is an integral part of the primary school curriculum. Here we offer children an exceptional educational and fun environment, with a unique trilingual curriculum from the PS (K1).

Jean Kurdziel, Head of Primary School - Qingpu campus and Joël Keller, Head of Primary School - Yangpu campus.

A suitable environment

Students evolve within their dedicated spaces, adapted to stimulate their curiosity: classrooms, exercise room, outdoor spaces. This environment meets their needs for playtime, movement, rest and discovery and increases the opportunities for sensory, motor, relational and cognitive experiences in complete safety.



Sports and cultural activities (ASC)

From the GS, Sports and Cultural Activities (ASC) are an integral part of school life at the LFS. Improving one’s expression, interacting with others, developing creativity, and surpassing oneself are all part of learning which allow students to build themselves fully outside of class.

School transportation

The LFS offers a daily school pick-up service. Every day, more than 2000 passengers are transported to our two campuses from more than 200 gathering points throughout the city, with an average arrival on time in the morning of 99.3%!

In the bus, a driver, and a chaperon (Chinese) take care of the children. All buses are equipped with 3-point belts and booster seats for kindergarten children, which are grouped together and get a special attention. A mobile application allows parents to communicate with the chaperons and follow their child’s journey in real time.

Check out all the gathering points HERE.

A day at the kindergarten of Shanghai French School

Welcoming the students – The day begins with a welcome time for students (free workshops) and is followed by a snack. The lessons begin with the morning rituals (date, weather, etc.).

The Pedagogical activities – continue with supervised and/or independent workshops. Each student takes part in several workshops during the day, the regularity of which allows the acquisition of targeted skills (vocabulary, construction of numbers, etc.).

On a daily basis – children experiment with the exercise room to learn how to move, imagine their space, crawl, jump and run. It is a dedicated space essential for the proper development of the child.

During the week, children also can go to the BCD (Library-Documentation Center) of the LFS either for a reading session or to choose books.

Depending on the language section of the child, the week will be adapted to language classes.

Playtime, canteen, and nap – In both morning and afternoon, 30 minutes of break are supervised by the teachers/school life team, in a space dedicated to kindergarten students.

Healthy meals are prepared on site with fresh ingredients and are served from 11am to 12pm. Lunch is followed by some playtime (or by a nap for PS (K1) students).

Afternoon – Workshops which started in the morning often continue in the afternoon. Kindergarten students’ day finishes with the preparation to leave school.
Children can either take the school bus or be picked up by an adult at the LFS entrance.


– Continuous week from Monday to Friday
– Monday-Tuesday-Thursday: 8:00-15:00 (or 15:10)
– Wednesday-Friday: 8:00-12:00 (or 12:30)
– Lunch – between 11am and 12pm depending on the classes

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