Learn more about our school project 2021-2025

Learn more about our school project 2021-2025

Being the result of a dialogue between the different teams of Shanghai French School under the leadership of our Principal, the school project defines the main axes of the pedagogical and educational action within our school. It follows the strategic plan adopted by the Board of Directors and was submitted to the School Council’s vote, the main educational body.

The school project 2021-2025 was voted during the School Council on June 23, 2021, and is a process shared by all the teams of Shanghai French School. Elected parents also participated in its realisation. By defining 4 main axes declined in precise actions and indicators, it explains the means implemented to ensure the success of all students and associate the parents to these objectives.

Its challenge is to give each student the possibility to think, communicate, and evolve freely in a multicultural world.

To do so, the project relies on 4 main axes:


Mastering languages to think, communicate, and act


Individualising, including, and differentiating. One student = One path


An international opening and an anchoring in the host country


School environment, cohesion, and engagement

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