ASC Activity: The Little Architects

ASC Activity: The Little Architects

The second term has welcomed a new cultural activity organised by the ASC team on Yangpu campus: “Workshop for little architects”, open to Primary School students.

Imagining, drawing, building models, exchanging ideas, working in teams, these are the different types of learning techniques students from Grades 4 and 5 have recently been initiated to.

Through the conception of architectural projects and the discovery of major constructions of modern and contemporary history, students are welcome to use their creativity. From drawing sketches and plans to building models (cardboard, digital 3D), they learn how to conceptualise, understand, and handle urban space.

With this activity, themes such as housing, public space and urban environment are highlighted thanks to historical notions and architectural theories, enriching children’s thinking and developing their creativity and imagination.

This is an original and fun activity which has even already led to a mini exhibition!