Medals were won at the SSL competition

Medals were won at the SSL competition

Our 32 swimmers from the elite category traveled to Dulwich College Suzhou with their coaches last Saturday for the 2nd round of the SSL (Shanghai Swimming League) competition. Joining 25 trials including 6 relay races, our students took LFS to the 13th place of the competition!

Competing against 21 international schools, our students had an intense day with great results for 22 of our students who won medals and ribbons!

Well done to our swimmers from the 15 & Over category for winning 6 medals on individual trials, taking LFS to the 6th place in this category. We have a special thought for Robin YE who “broke the minute” on the 100m freestyle in 59’76!

Swimming takes an important place in our school, especially this year. Why? We will host the CAPN (Asia Pacific Swimming Championship) 2024 and invite swimmers from all AEFE schools based in the Asia Pacific zone.