What happened during the Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AG) took place on our Qingpu campus on April 15. As an important moment of our school’s life, the AG counted 199 active members on 897 (22.2%), which constituted the quorum.

Inaugurated by the Consul General, M. Joan Valadou, the AG was the occasion for the 8 members of the Board of Directors (CA) and the School Leadership to assess the past year and mention the perspectives of development for the school. The 2023 budget and the new school fees for 2023-2024 were also voted.

The Annual General Meeting confirmed the reelection of Philippe Snel, President of the Board, and the election of Zoé Zhu. Following the several exchanges between parents and the Board organised throughout this school year, more moments like these with our community will be held to answer families’ questions and continue to discuss the different issues of our school.

Shanghai French School is a school led by parents at the service of parents. Thus, the LFS Parents’ Association meets up once a year during the Annual General Meeting, to take part in the decisions regarding the future of the school.