We met with the AEFE

We met with the AEFE

On Friday, April 14, we received the visit of Jean-Paul Négrel, Assistant General Manager of the AEFE, and Guillaume Cario, Management Representative and Department Manager of the AEFE in Asia.

Following the service contract with the AEFE renewed last year, and with sanitary conditions finally enabling it to happen, we are happy to have received M. Jean-Paul Négrel and Guillaume Cario on our Qingpu campus.

With the presence of the Consul General of France in Shanghai, Joan Valadou, it was the occasion to make them meet the entire school community and discuss with the staff representatives, the CVC and CVL students, the parents’ representatives, the members of the Board of Directors, as well as the Advisors for French people abroad.

Thanks to the support of the AEFE, we can maintain an excellent French education in Shanghai.

  • What is the AEFE?

The AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) is the largest school network in the world, present in 139 countries with 522 schools. Each of these schools offers a high-quality education that meets the requirements of the French National Education programs. They enable students to continue their schooling in any other French institutions around the world, and also gives them the opportunity to benefit from numerous exchanges, projects, and sports competitions between institutions.