The Week of Worldwide French Schools: What’s the Programme?

The Week of Worldwide French Schools: What’s the Programme?

With the theme « Stay tuned in a connected world to develop into enlightened citizens », the Week of French Schools Worldwide (SLFM), organised by the Agency of French Education Abroad (AEFE) focuses on educating students the criticism, civic rights, and a better understanding of our current world.

At the LFS, our pedagogical teams have come up with a fun and varied programme for their students, check it out!

  • Investigation Class » Workshop

Dive in an immersive journalistic investigation with a partner and adapt the information received by text, audio, or video. The objective of the game is for each duo to produce a journalistic content, which will be possible to compare with the content produced by professional journalists. How is the information made: hierarchy, choice of sources, constraints of the job? It’s your move!

  • Conference with Mrs. Desné

 Targeting High School students from Qingpu and Yangpu, this meeting will enable students to learn about the job of a journalist or correspondent in a country where information is limited, difficult to verify/work with.

  • The Great Live

 Follow a student hosting a live podcast of about 15-20 minutes with a few guests, who will talk about the LFS and Shanghai, and what the city represents for students. Sound experience, music and quick interview, listen to the highlight of our school through the experience and opinion of our students.

  • The Journal Club

 Special edition of our two “Journal Club” around fake news is under preparation!

  • Exhibition “History of fake news”

 Exhibition offered by the French National Library.

  •  “What is journalism?” Workshop

 Workshop opened to Grade 4 students.

  • Listening point “Hi news” at the library
  • Eco-friendly students’ representatives in action!

Our eco-friendly students’ representatives will jump into writing an article around the protection of our environment and will provide several innovating means to be more conscious about our planet!