Who is our new Executive Director?

Who is our new Executive Director?

After introducing the new Principal of the LFS, we are meeting Benoît Sassin today, the new Executive Director of our school, who took up his duties on August 15.

Hello Benoît and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! How was your first back-to-school at the LFS?

Hello everyone, my first back-to-school went really well! I met devoted teams who gave the best of themselves for the back-to-school to run smoothly. Despite the evolving conditions and uncertainties until the very last minute, and thanks to the families who played along, we were able, all together, to make this back-to-school a wonderful success.

Which job were you doing before joining our team?

I was the Regional Director at GSN Property Services, a Chinese company in charge of the cleaning and technical maintenance of the Eurocampus. The change is thus radical and follows a wish to contribute to the community closer to me as well as participating to the influence of French education, from France to the world.

Can you briefly present the role of the Executive Director at the LFS?

The Executive Director is the representative of the Board of Directors, elected by the LFS families. He is responsible of the good implementation of the school strategy and with his team, manages the non-pedagogical administrative aspect of the school.

What do you wish to bring to the LFS, what is your vision?

For the upcoming years, our mission is to help the school to regain the students lost over the recent years and to provide a service of quality to all the stakeholders: current students, alumni and potential students, parents, teachers, and pedagogical administration.

Considering an important number of students join us through recommendation, our ambition is to make the LFS the beating heart of a community we wish to see grow, to strengthen this feeling of belonging and to rely even more on the word-of-mouth which we are already benefiting from.

What do you do on your free time?

I am quite classic when it comes to hobbies: I read a lot, I cycle and follow numerous online courses, where I like learning on topics sometimes far from my daily life. This year, I would like to go back to Thai boxing, which is a good way for me to empty my mind. 

I also like spending time with my friends, chatting around a nice meal and changing the world. And of course, I spend a lot of my time looking after my son who was born on March 15!

A final word for our community?

Dont hesitate to connect with us and to contribute to our school life, because it is your school which will become what you want to make it. The entire administrative team will be here to help you help us.

I want to thank those who recommend the school to their friends, their relatives, and help us to correct the idea sometimes strong that the LFS is not international enough: on the contrary, we welcome over forty nationalities to our school and send students to all continents after graduation!

I look forward to meeting you soon.

We wish him the best in his new position!