Spotlight on Riadh Khlif, student in Grade 12

Spotlight on Riadh Khlif, student in Grade 12

Among our 12th Graders who are about to change direction and leave High School for new adventures, we wish to highlight Riadh Khlif, a bright and humble student.

Riadh is Romanian, and one of the first foreign students to have joined the LFS in 2007 in K1. Eager to follow a scientific path, he will soon leave China to join the Imperial College London in England. Renowned institution in the field of research in physics, it is a logic continuity for Riadh, who is fascinated about physics and wishes to integrate the research sphere.

When he mentions a souvenir he is proud of, he talks about his participation in the AEFE Biology Olympiad Competition, which took him and his friends to the 3rd place of the podium. More than diving in high-level scientific projects, this experience allowed him to confirm his wish to go into scientific research.

Overcoming language and cultural barriers is not an easy task, but it enabled Riadh to excel in school, while always expressing genuine kindness.

My experience in high school made me realise that anyone can dream big regardless of their background or their walk of life”.