Our students inspire us: Meet Abriana and Anne

Our students inspire us: Meet Abriana and Anne

Discover in videos the last two portraits of our series “Our students inspire us”. Abriana from India, a 10th Grader in the General Stream on the Yangpu campus and Anne from China, student in Grade 12 in the International Chinese Stream (SIC) on the Qingpu campus. 

Abriana – Grade 10, India

Abriana went from an Anglo-Saxon curriculum when she lived in Dubai with her family, to the French national education system, when they arrived in Shanghai and chose Shanghai French School. “There is a great cultural diversity here and many people from different backgrounds. You never feel rejected.

Her first year at the LFS was mostly dedicated to learning French to allow her to continue studying alongside her classmates. “From the beginning I had an intensive French training through the French as Language of Instruction (FLSco) programme. In my first year, I had 12 hours of French a week.

Our students inspire us:
Meet Abriana Abriana

Anne – Grade 12, China

Anne has a French father and a Chinese mother. She grew up in Shanghai and began her studies in a local primary school, which allowed her to acquire an excellent level of Chinese, while learning French language and culture through weekend classes and the support of her father, Bruno: “She was studying in a very good Chinese school, but we chose the LFS in order to follow the family strategy we wanted to give our daughters.

By choosing the International Chinese Stream (SIC) at the LFS, Anne can continue strengthening her Chinese skills while practicing French daily.

When she started at the LFS, Anne received support from the FLSco team, around 4 hours a week. The programme assesses the needs and time that the student must dedicate to learning French. Today, Anne is completely autonomous and independent!

Our students inspire us:
Meet Anne