Manon is taking us to the World finale of Ambassadeurs, Ambassadrices en herbe!

Organised by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), the ‘Ambassadeurs, Ambassadrices en herbe’ project is a world competition of public speaking. Congratulations to Manon Bourdenet for representing the LFS and winning the first place of the Cycle 4 category in the entire Asia Pacific region!

After winning the first place at the LFS against her school mates Camille, Nathanaël, and Alexandra, she reached the top place in the Cycle 4 (students from Grades 7, 8, and 9) individual category of the Asia Pacific region and will participate in the World finale in November.

Watch her speech here :

Ambassadeurs, ambassadrices en herbe 2022
Intervention de Manon

The “Ambassadeurs, Ambassadrices en herbe” project highlights the plurilingual and multicultural skills of our students from Primary School to High School regarding current international issues. This 10th edition has for theme “Seas and Oceans: what concerns for the planet?”, something to motivate Manon for the World finale!

Congratulations to all the participants as well as the project coordinators for supporting students throughout the entire competition!