Check out the last podcasts of Shanghai French School’s web radio!

The LFS’ web radio is back with new podcasts available on our website. Wait no more and go listen to our students taking on the roles of radio hosts, journalists, special correspondents, weather (wo)man and more!

The web radio club is open to students in cycle 3 (Grades 4 and 5) upon registration with a maximum of 10-15 students.

One program takes 5 sessions of 40 minutes taken on lunch breaks, each student can choose the role they want to play (host, special correspondent, weather (wo)man, street interviewer, sound tech, etc.).

Science-fiction, philosophy debate, music, the themes of each program are chosen by the students themselves and can either be real or fictive. The library team accompanies them throughout the process to help arranging the chosen topics, edit the program, and publish it.

Don’t hesitate to listen to what our students prepare directly here