Year of the Tiger, here we come!

Year of the Tiger, here we come!

Before we jump right in a new lunar year, let’s go back to the celebrations witnessed throughout the week! Shanghai French School teams went beyond to decorate our schools, liven up our corridors, create fun workshops for the students, and highlight the Tiger, the animal celebrated this year!

The week started off with a fantastic show organised by the Yangpu LFS Team for a festive moment at the gymnasium! Mixing dancing, Chinese theatre and singing numbers with beautiful costumes, the students gave everything they had for the public composed of students and teachers from the LFS as well as our friends from the DSS!

A tasty workshop also occurred with students from K3 enrolled in the Chinese International Stream (SIC) who prepared some juicy 饺子 jiaozi (dumplings). They were so good that they were all gone when we arrived to try some!

Qingpu Kindergarten and Primary School students made some decorative art with their Chinese teachers, including paintings of blooming trees, mask making, embroidery or even some collage, and organised a cute exhibition in the corridor.

The Chinese New Year concert took place in the piazza on Thursday morning with many students in the crowd who came supporting the musicians! The famous dragon dance also took place in the piazza this morning and truly was a hit!

Well done to the students in SIC who worked on realizing and producing videos for the “Awards for 2021 Chinese Traditional Culture & Exhibition Activity” and reached the 2nd place!

With our school buildings of our two campuses nicely decorated by our operational and teaching teams, we surely had a lively week. All we need to do now is to wish you, dear members of the community, to have a great holiday and a wonderful year of The Water Tiger!