Video: Connor Morgan, a Franco-American student at the LFS

Video: Connor Morgan, a Franco-American student at the LFS

Connor Morgan,
a Franco-American student

Currently in Grade 9, Connor joined Shanghai French School at the start of the school year after trying several schools within the Anglo-Saxon education system, in which he didn’t feel quite comfortable. Find out how the LFS changed things for him and his family, thanks to the FLSco program!

Choosing to enroll in a French school when the French language is not mastered is a challenge, but it is not impossible. Thanks to the FLSco program, the LFS targets several students’ profiles:

  • French students who come from a foreign education system.
  • Bi-national students with one French parent for whom French language is not spoken at home or was not the schooling language.
  • Foreign students who studied within the French education system.

Like Connor Morgan, it is possible to flourish and integrate the French education system thanks to the LFS and its support.

With FLSco as a complementary program, our objective is to enable him to follow all his classes with as much autonomy as possible. The individualisation of each background allows us to offer a personalised language support, adapted to the student progress throughout the year. Starting from K3, the FLSco program can be organised for a variable period with a minimum of one semester containing at least 5 hours a week. 

By taking the time to discuss with Connor to better assess his background, his strengths, and difficulties, the LFS teaching team offered him a personalised monitoring, with several hours of FLSco outside of class in addition to the support given in class. The FLSco teacher adapted his/her own teaching to allow a certain fluidity between his different classes.

With this type of follow-up, Connor has been able to strengthen his language skills to prepare the French Certificate of General Education (Brevet National des Collèges) in the best conditions, with a special focus on French, Mathematics, and History-Geography.

Thanks to the engagement and essential support of his family, Connor is now fully integrated in his class and in the LFS community.