This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Well, we certainly did last week with costumes and many fun activities organised by our teachers!

Qingpu campus turned into Hogwarts on Thursday with a photo contest of the best Halloween costumes of our Secondary students. In Primary School, we played fun games, prepared tasty treats, and crafted away with some doll making.

On the Yangpu side, our kindergarten students spent some time with our friends from the DSS whilst the Primary English team organised a week-long of various themes from a “black and orange” Monday to a “fantasy characters” Friday. A Halloween fair was set up on Friday morning for all the students from kindergarten to Grade 5. Thanks to the help of the teachers and of the BDA (Volunteer Parents Association), the event was a massive success: magic potions, pinata, make up booth and more brought a big smile on everyone’s face!