LFS Primary at the top of mathematics

LFS Primary at the top of mathematics

Shanghai French School recently saw Qingpu Primary students shine in mathematics through different tournaments. Excellent rankings were reached by several students and prizes were awarded joyfully.

Mental arithmetic

Since 2012, the LFS organises a tournament for classes from Grade 1 to Grade 5. Mental arithmetic is practiced all year long with teachers to develop students’ ability to calculate quickly. Knowing how to juggle with numbers increases mental agility which then allows to handle more complex reasonings.

The contest is held at the end of the school year and rewards the fastest children as well as those whose progress is the most impressive.

Mathematics rally

Responding to precise rules, this rally encourages students to think in groups and to collaborate to succeed and pass each round of the test.

The CM2 B (Grade 5) went up to the final of the Asia Pacific Region and confronted two classes of Grade 6 from Hong Kong on June 17.

Mathematics Kangaroo

The Mathematics Kangaroo competition includes a multiple-choice questionnaire of 16 to 24 questions depending on the level. It must be completed individually and without a calculator and saw several LFS students very well ranked on the national level.

Among the contestants, a student of Grade 3 reached the 73rd place out of 30 081 participants and a student of Grade 4 won the 45th place out of 28 403. Students from Grades 6 and 7 also participated in the contest and one of them won the 311th place out of 29 718 students.

Congratulations to the students who worked hard and to the teachers who encourage them throughout the year to give the best of themselves!