Friendly sporting event organised by Qingpu Primary School

Friendly sporting event organised by Qingpu Primary School

On June 3, Qingpu campus transformed to host a friendly sporting event between Kindergarten and Primary School students whilst narrowly avoiding the rain!

Kindergarten students from the LFS and the DSS opened the ball with the Kindergathon from 8am to 11am, an event entirely organised and led by students from the LFS 4th graders. Athletics activities, obstacle course, students from K1 to K3 were initiated to new exercises and learnt from the older students. Between the LFS and the DSS students, a total of 208 children participated in this Kindergathon, deepening the friendship between our two schools.

After a well-deserved lunch break, the sporting games resumed with greater intensity from 12pm to 3pm with the LFS students from Grades 1 and 2 on the sports side, and students from 5th Grade on the organisational side. Between relay race, long jump, precision throw and hurdle race, 8 activities were entirely hosted by students.

As a concept coming from the regional education authority of Reunion Island, it is a rich project allowing everyone to learn, especially for Grades 4 and 5. Our students had to work on organising and setting up these different activities, welcoming younger students, explaining the games rules, and counting the scores of all disciplines. Oral skills were also practiced thanks to the use of a specific vocabulary, the use of the imperative, and the support of the participants.

The event was such a success that a new edition will probably take place next year, for the enjoyment of teachers from the LFS and the DSS alike!