Month of Languages Episode #3 : Friendship, sharing and language diversity at Shanghai French School

To close the 2021 edition of “Month of Languages”, the LFS teachers came together with their students to work on projects revolving around writing and sharing.

This initiative aims at celebrating the language diversity of our school. The mastery of languages to think, communicate and act is at the core of our school project. By offering a multilingual learning and living environment, the LFS helps to train students who are flexible, curious, creative, open to others and to the world.

On Qingpu campus, Primary Chinese and English teachers built up a friendship board and invited their 4th Graders to write something nice to an anonymous friend. Students let their imagination flow and the board quickly filled up with friendly and enthusiastic words and sentences about their wish to meet up and share, in all languages!

Students from Grade 2 participated on their side in a photo session whilst talking about language learning and what it meant to them.

K3 students worked on border strips and drawings on the theme “Friendship beyond frontiers”.

Finally, on Yangpu campus, humanities and foreign language teachers started to work on a dictionary of neologisms with students from Middle School, creating words based on various languages, from French to German, English, Croatian, Greek, Chinese, and Spanish. As it is an ongoing project, we were lucky to get a glimpse of a few words and cannot wait to see the result!