A celebration day for Mother Earth

A celebration day for Mother Earth

Following on from the actions started on Earth Day, a series of projects and workshops around environmental conservation were carried out on Yangpu campus. Waste collection, fun recycling, charity actions, visit of the zero-waste vegetable garden, here is what happened on May 6.

Students from Primary School presented an exhibition of utensils and sculptures made of recyclable waste: we were able to see a paper cups tower, a sculpture of a white rabbit straight from Alice in Wonderland, a cat house and even a “rudimentary arcade game”.

The zero-waste vegetable garden gathered students and teachers from different classes for a visit around various patch. Between potatoes, eggplants, and chilies, we look forward to seeing the results of this project started previously by two classes of Grades 4 and 6! A few bird tables were also made by students with plastic bottles.

On the creative side, a workshop around nature was held and invited students to create beautiful artwork with plants and shells.

The inscription “Earth Day” was written on the stadium with recyclable waste, to promote the respect of our planet and prove it is possible to do better, if we all do something, one effort at a time!


We would like to thank the APM (A Pleines Mains) association for organising on this occasion a clothing drive to help schools in rural areas as well as hospitalised orphans, and the families of Yangpu Shanghai French School for donating clothes.

On both campuses of Shanghai French School, actions are taken daily to raise awareness of the necessity to protect our environment and we intend to keep highlighting students’ actions for the wellbeing of our beautiful and unique planet.