Class discovery for CM2 and 6SIA

Last Thursday, March 23rd, Ms. Jeannine and Ms. Michelle’s CM2 A and B Bilingual had the opportunity to experience a class with their older peers in 6SIA in an activity lead by Mr. Mai. This class of an hour was based around the 6SIA’s current Unit of « Dreadful Tales » and the students were asked to discover new vocabulary specific to this literary genre (Horror) in a « game » type of activity.

The smiles on their faces and obvious excitement were indicative of the enjoyment that they had while pitting wit and knowledge against each other. This was a great opportunity for these young pupils to get a glimpse of what can be expected next year if they were to choose to pursue their studies in the International Section.

These students will reunite again before year’s end to allow the younger pupils an opportunity to experience a more standard type of class (it’s not always games and fun unfortunately during our lessons) to better prepare them and give them even more of an idea of what is expected of them next year. We truly hope that these moments will cultivate a greater yearning and interest in their own English skills development, as well as motivate our young students to continue with their efforts to take on the challenges of the International Section.


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